Gloo's 2018 Focus

New Year introspection and a time for change

With the start of a new year, I want to share some updates about Gloo.

For many people and organizations the new year is a time for introspection. Gloo is no exception. We’re not considering the “short-lived New Year’s resolution” kind of changes, but the large, strategic changes that make all the difference. These are necessary, and can be difficult at times. 


We're committed to serving all of our Champions.

Year by year, we understand more about how we can be the most helpful, and add more value.

In 2018 we are narrowing our focus to serve increasingly defined markets where "our core" interaction is "their core" interaction, and where we are experiencing success with proven products.

This focus will enable us to serve our Champions even better.


Some things will never change

Gloo is still all about serving Champions, those people and organizations who help others grow. And our mission remains firmly intact: to be the leading Champion Service Organization in the world. 


But, they are improved

In 2018 we will narrow our focus to certain industries where we are experiencing the most in-market success. This will enable us to strengthen our product offering and to serve Champions even better.


How we’ve narrowed focus over the years...



Over the years, we’ve worked with all types of organizations, from addiction recovery centers and churches to nonprofits focused on helping incarcerated dads. Year by year, we’ve gained a stronger understanding of where we can help the most.

This focus has led us to strong economic models and a strong set of financial partners. Our success leaves Gloo more secure than ever, and gives us the opportunity to build on our foundation and concentrate on what’s really needed now.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are service organizations. That’s why we’re zeroing-in on where we’ve been most helpful so far. 


So you’re narrowing focus. What’s that mean?

There’s a core principle we look for in choosing our Champions; they have to be helping other people on a journey towards growth.  More specifically, we’re concentrating on incoming organizations where Champions serve others in face-to-face relationships at physical locations.

We call these “Geo-Based Frontline Organizations.” 



To use specific examples, Gloo is in-market with Behavioral Health Centers and Houses of Worship, and is actively pursuing research and product refinement for Healthcare Facilities and Financial Advisory Offices.


We will continue to serve all our current core Champion organizations, as we tighten the core interaction. Gloo is also serving those that serve these Geo-Based Frontline Orgs.

With our Insights, Engagement, and Assessment products, Champions will attract more people in need and engage them more deeply. This will scale the good work they’re doing and maximize their capacity to change lives.


Of course, there are many people and organizations who fit the Geo-Based Frontline Organization model and we look forward to serving more industries in the future!

We’re optimistic about our direction, and the continued advancement of the organization.

To learn more about Gloo, take a look at our updated website.


Wishing you all the best along the journey.

Scott Beck,
Gloo CEO and Co-Founder