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By Forrest Hersom
on 8/20/19 10:17 AM

Using Church Email Marketing to Grow Your Membership

Good marketing is about bringing the right message to the right people at the right time. Learn how your church can benefit from email marketing.

By Forrest Hersom
on 6/24/19 10:00 AM

5 Pro Tips for Using VBS Invite Cards at Your Church

Craft effective VBS invitations this summer with these five pro tips so you can boost attendance, offer your people relevant value, and change more lives.

By Forrest Hersom
on 6/24/19 9:00 AM

4 Stories Hiding In Your Giving Data and What to Do About Them

Analyze your giving data to know why people give or stop giving, and track your givers so you can take the right actions to keep them engaged.

By Forrest Hersom
on 6/20/19 10:01 AM

The Difference Between Church Surveys and Assessments [and Why You Should Care]

There’s a difference between surveys and assessments, and knowing what sets them apart can help you avoid failure for your organization. Learn how here.

By Forrest Hersom
on 6/17/19 8:00 AM

How the Best Church Assessments Enable Leaders to Gain and Give Wisdom

See how the best assessments empower leaders to stay in their sweet spot, better know their people, and build deeper relationships.

By Forrest Hersom
on 5/2/19 1:29 PM

Increase Generosity in Your Organization by Answering These 5 Questions

Answering these 5 questions can help strengthen the culture of generosity in your organization—something churches commonly are challenged with.

By Forrest Hersom
on 4/2/19 1:14 PM

5 Ways to Tailor your Church Invite Cards for Outreach

Use direct mail more effectively with these 5 tips. Intentional design and relevant messaging can help you connect with your audience.

By Forrest Hersom
on 10/30/18 12:15 PM

5 Reasons Why Every Addiction Recovery Center Should Use LegitScript

We explain why Legit Script isn't actually a pain, it's a great way for Addiction Recovery Center's to build trust and credibility with patients, communities, and Google.