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  • Must Know Big Data Terms for Champions

    This glossary of key terms and definitions will give Champions the knowledge they need to be confident in their use of big data and the variety of online advertising practices data enables.

    By Vince Scalia
    on 8/24/18 12:30 PM
By Vince Scalia
on 4/20/17 11:00 AM

The Importance of a Great Online First Impression

See how you can make a strong online first impression. Then learn the best practices you can use to make sure your online skills match your offline expertise.

By Vince Scalia
on 4/20/17 9:53 AM

6 Ways Champions Create Digital Rapport to Drive Growth

Get the scoop about how you can use online channels to build deep rapport, establish trust and drive more success with the people you grow.

By Vince Scalia
on 1/25/17 5:28 PM

The Basic Anatomy of All Corporate Mentorship Programs

Learn the 4 basic elements of all types of mentorship programs. Then take a quiz that helps you build a corporate mentorship program for your organization.

By Vince Scalia
on 1/20/17 10:07 AM

5 Corporate Mentorship Programs Worth Imitating

These corporate mentorship program examples prove tech companies aren't the only places where mentorship is an essential component of success.

By Vince Scalia
on 12/23/16 8:54 AM

[Event Recap] WIN Summit 2016 Video Recap

Watch the WIN Summit 2016 Recap Video. If you weren't able to attend or just want to relive the memories check out the video and these key take aways.

By Vince Scalia
on 12/22/16 11:22 AM

Use Learner Persona Templates to Tailor Your Development Strategy

See how you can use custom learner personas to tailor your learning and development strategy. Then download our free template to build your own.

By Vince Scalia
on 12/17/16 10:14 AM

Habits, Behaviors and Your 2017 Employee Development Strategy

Learn from top Human Habits and Behaviors thought leaders about the science you can use to make your 2017 Employee Development Strategy Stick.