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Community Comes First at Boulder Startup Week

It's About Relationships

The 8th annual Boulder Startup week kicked off this Monday, and if you’re motivated to build relationships and like to learn new things, you’ll want to make sure to connect with and get to know the amazing people at this community event.

It’s the brainchild of local startup enthusiast Andrew Hyde and has spread to entrepreneurial-minded cities around the world.  If you’re a venture capitalist, CEO or a curious soul, there’s something for everyone at the event.  


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Core Beliefs Create the Community Event

Boulder has an independent and forward-thinking vibe. The city sponsors the Startup week not as a marketing event, but as a community event. Open-mindedness and honesty are core beliefs as BSW looks to grow relationships and foster how startup communities come together to build great things. Here’s why we are involved:

  • Boulder has built a thriving, innovative, mindful community

  • We support the culture of our community

  • We’re growing our company, so we want to focus out and help others grow 

Anyone Can Grow at the Event — Even Us

Two people at our own company benefited from the focus Boulder Startup Week has on community. Full disclosure, I’m one of them..

When I moved back to Boulder,  I found a blossoming tech community and decided to pitch my value to it.  Although I wasn’t a tech writer, I knew if I met folks face-to-face I could at least make relationships there. I met a lot of cool folks, scheduled 2 interviews. The rest is history!

My co-worker Vince, author of many Gloo blogs, also had a formative experience at BSW. The way he tells the story, you’d think this one event changed the way he thinks about human interaction forever. Here’s how he described the journey:

“At an event sponsored by Moxie Sozo, Leif Steiner gave a presentation about inspiring others to take action. His message was that it’s the combination of dopamine and adrenaline that lead to action.  Leif’s impassioned talk left such a mark on me that I built training materials on the subject and passed his message to 2 different sales and marketing teams.”

If you’re at an event to learn something new or to land a great job, here’s some practical tips based on personal experience.

  • Do your research. Don’t waste time (theirs or yours) talking about their company. Rather, talk about their needs, and how you can fill them.

  • Follow up after with thank-yous to those you connected with.

  • It can be pretty crowded, so patience is a good friend!

Get the Most from Boulder Startup Week

With so many opportunities and people to meet at the event it can be tough to make sure you make the most of your time. Our best suggestion is to focus on the relationships you want to build no matter where the event takes you.

Here’s some helpful tips you can use to navigate the busy week.

1. Choose the events that speak to you

There’s no right or wrong events, but some might be more interesting to you than others.

  • Pick events where you think you can learn something useful

  • Pick events where you will be able to meet someone you find cool

  • Pick something that you never thought about before. There are over 200 free events open to the community.

2. Here's the events that I'll attend

3. Link up with someone from Gloo at these events

4. Get to the job fair

If you are in the market for employment (or thinking of it). The job fair has tons of opportunities for connecting. The companies offer informative people to connect with who are eager to speak to potential hires. Bring questions, curiosity and your resume… it’s a rare opportunity to make an impression!


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Focus on Relationships. Growth Will Come.

Whether it’s Boulder Startup Week or another event where communities come together, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to how you’ll get the most from the event. My best advice for you is to focus on the relationships you can build and positive outcomes will happen naturally. Bring your genuine interest in others and enthusiasm, offer value before you ask for value in return, and look for opportunities where you can grow and help others grow as well.

If you’re interested in other events with lots of energy and opportunities for personal and professional growth, you’ll want to check out our blog 5 Growth Conferences Where You Can Get Some Wisdom 2.0.  On our blog you’ll also find useful tips about making strong first impressions and building long-term rapport.


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