Gloo Product Update: Champion Mode


  • Introduction to Console (0:33)
  • Recommend To-dos (0:50)
  • Priority Cards and Updates (1:25)
  • Card Details (2:15)
  • Champion Messages (2:25)

UPDATE: Console is now available on Web and Mobile!

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Champion Mode: Console and Messages

At Gloo, our aim is to serve Champions; those dedicated organizations and individuals who work to coach, teach, grow and inspire others.

Championing other people is important work, but it's difficult. It's tough to direct next steps, track progress, and maintain momentum in between meetings with your people.

We're adding innovations and utility to help you champion others even more effectively.

This week, we're excited to launch our updated Champion Mode with new features: Console and Messages. 
Console helps keep your growth relationships on track. You can direct next steps, track progress, and maintain momentum. Messages allow you to easily communicate with the people you're working with without missing a beat.

Let's take a look.




Keep the Ball Rolling: Recommend To-dos

Use Console to keep your people on track and moving forward:

  • Recommend To-dos right from your Console
  • Add searchable content, external links, and due dates
  • Recommend a To-do from yourself, or from your organization

Pablo's PRO TIP

By recommending a To-do from yourself, the system establishes a connection that allows you to track progress on that To-do.





Focus Front and Center: Priority Cards and Updates

Use Priorities and Updates to focus on what's important now:

  • Keep track of multiple connections all in one place
  • Assess which actions need your focus
  • Scroll through cards to look at later, or dismiss updates


Adding a due date for a To-do allows you to track progress through Priority Cards on the first half of the Updates screen. To-dos with no due dates will be tracked through Updates in the lower half of the screen.



Stay Informed: Card Details

Get a snapshot of how your people are doing, one-on-one:

  • Expand a card to see a detailed view
  • View engagement, and history of that To-do
  • Send encouragments, congratulate progress, or create a new To-do straight from the card




You can see details for both Priority Cards and Updates. Simply tap or click on any card in your Updates screen to see its details and history.




 Keep Connected: Champion Messages

Communicate with clarity from Champion Mode:

  • Chat and connect with people, from your Champion role
  • People will recognize you; member lists include both your name and Champion brand
  • Champion Badges help identify who is affiliated with an organization


When you send a To-do item, it'll automatically create a message thread between yourself and the To-do's recipient. This is a great place to send encouragements and start a conversation!


Find FAQs in our Help Center


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