Gloo Product Update: Console Mobile & Featured Content

We’ve been listening to you! After rounds of feedback and testing, Gloo redesigned Console Mobile to improve the Champion Agent’s experience.

New features are designed to reduce complexity, encourage clearer actions and offer a more manageable feed. This makes it easier for you to champion growth.







Console Update: A Smoother Experience

One streamlined source for all the info you need.
Update cards appear in one main stream on
your Console:

  • Listed in chronological order
  • Offer high-level info and suggestions for what
    to do next
  • Stick around until you dismiss them
  • Clean up the cards as you go, or keep them forever. It's totally up to you!





It's pretty simple on mobile, just follow these steps:

  • Switch into 'Champion Mode' by pressing and holding on your profile picture in the bottom
    right navigation
  • Find your way to the 'Console' tab; the first icon in your Champion Mode bottom navigation
  • View your update cards; each card will tell you what the update is, and recommend an action
    item to take




All the Info: Detailed View

Details are there when you need them.
Get valuable context and keep the momentum going:

  • View the history of that update's To-do
  • Easily take next steps to keep your people engaged
  • Actions correspond to the updates;
    "Completed" items have the option to 'Congratulate'
    or 'Message', while any incomplete To-dos show the
    option to 'Message'


Every time an Agent congratulates someone or sends them a message, we also update their Direct Message thread. 


Looking to learn more? Check out our Console FAQ: 

Find FAQs in our Help Center



Feature (just about!) Anything: External Featured Content

Be more flexible and strategic with external links:

  • Put external links in your Featured Content; websites, blogs, articles... anything with a web address is fair game!
  • Point people towards important info; such as event sign-ups or donor pages
  • This opens up lots of flexibility and strategy for organizations 


Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 9.33.43 AM.png



Feature things like event registration pages, Facebook groups, donation pages or anything with a web address...

Make your external featured content awesome by adding a custom image
and customizing the title!


Looking to learn more about Featured Content?
Check out our Champion FAQ:

Find Home FAQs in our Help Center