Gloo Product Update: Discover

It’s Tough To Know What To Share

To change lives, Champions need to keep their people engaged with great resources and content their people will love.

The problem is, it can be really hard to find the most relevant or useful content.

We all know it’s out there; with all our connectivity, there’s a wealth of information from a lot of wise, talented people. But much of it is locked away in archives, in PDFs, buried in learning management systems, unpublished on hard drives or just floating around the internet. It just doesn’t cross our path.

Gloo makes it easy for Champions to put the most relevant and engaging content in front of their people.

Introducing: Discover and My Resources

This week, we’re excited for the beta release of our latest feature, Discover and Resources. We’ll roll out continuous improvements over the next months, but we can’t wait to show you our first iteration.


Discover helps Champions find the best resources for their people.

My Resources

Once you find what you’re looking for, you can bookmark it for later use. That way you can easily come back to your favorite content to find, assign, and share again and again.

My Resources is also a great channel for content creators and organizations who need to distribute and share their own content.

Check out the Starting Guide here. And keep an eye out for more Discover functionality in the future!

Starting Guide: Discover & My Resources

Just like other platforms that suggests content to users (think Netflix), Gloo displays suggested content inside of lanes. Here, I’ll tell you a little more about how that works.

Promoted Lane: Front and Center

 Gloo Product Update My Resources

Get your featured content right at the top.

The top Promoted Lane shows promoted content from your organization, partner groups and other recommended Champions:

  • Predetermined by each organization
  • Gets top billing on the page
  • Promoted Content can be changed as frequently as the organization would like!

Recommended Lane: Find What Works for You

 Gloo Product Update Discover

Easily discover great new content.

The Recommended Lane shows you content based on our matching algorithms, to find the most useful resources for you.

Recently Added Lane: Stay Up-To-Date

 Gloo Product Update Discover

Find the freshest new resources.

The Recently Added Lane shows you content added in the last 30 days. In this section you’ll always be able to see what’s new!

My Resources: Save Your Favorites

 Gloo Product Update My Resources

Create a library of your go-to resources.

Bookmark your favorite resources so you can easily find and share it again. Or bookmark resources you’d like to use in the future. This way you won’t ever lose track!

You can also segment your library into different collections for easy organization. 

Right Content. Right Person. Right Time.

With the ability to bookmark resources, relevant content is ready to share at any moment. This makes it easier than ever for Champions to find and share the content that will keep their people engaged.