Gloo Product Update: Home & Library

Gloo has made new improvements to Home, to help people continue their progress and discover new content from their favorite Champion organizations. These changes are currently updating all across the network; check your app to see if you've got the upgrade!


Just like personal growth itself, making a growth-centric platform is quite a quest! Our designers have been hard at work testing and tinkering to make your Gloo experience the best it can possibly be.

With all that said, it’s time to mix it up a bit (in a good way!).

These changes simplify the app experience, by bringing the most important content feeds to your Home.

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A clean look: New Navigation

Getting around Gloo has never been simpler.
Here's a quick tour of the new icons below:

  • Home - The homebase for one's personal growth.
    Find Champions, content and updates from
    favorite organizations!
  • Messages - The personal social hub, Direct Messages
    and group Spaces live here.
  • Notifications - The latest updates from around 
    your network.
  • My Menu - All the individual stuff; profile settings,
    accounts, feeds, and now the Library.





You've still got a Library! Where else are you going to keep all your meaningful growth-centric digital content? Your Library is more personalized under your 'My Menu' tab.
Follow these steps to find your way:

  • At the bottom right, tap on your 'My Menu' tab (it's your profile picture!)
  • Tap the 'Library' lane on your menu
  • Success! You made it back to your swimlanes. Enjoy the content!




Easy Content Lanes:
New Home Upgrades

All-new content feeds have come to Home.
Here are the most recent improvements:

  • "Keep Going" - The place to pick up where you left off.
    Here's the content you've already started, but have yet to complete
  • "More From This Champion" - A collection of additional content
    from this organization. Seen it all before? Keep scrolling through
    'till you find something new!
  • Content on Home is conveniently sorted by organization
  • Swipe through organizations to see their corresponding content!


Keep “Keep Going” tidy by completing content or removing old content that you are not planning to complete.



Find FAQs in our Help Center