Gloo Product Update: Home, To-Do List and Library

Video Highlights:  

  • New Home Banners (0:45)
  • Champion Home Updates (0:52)
  • To-Do List (1:20)
  • Library (1:50)

Home, To-Do List and Library

At Gloo, we believe in people helping other people grow. But when it comes to personal growth, content, updates and insights are scattered far and wide. We’ve revamped Home to give people an all-in-one place to keep up to date with their personal development, and with their Champions.

Our updated Home page brings featured content and updates front and center. The To-Do list makes it easier to know what to work on next, and the Library collects content— in-progress, upcoming, and completed resources.


Featured Content: Home Banners

A new homebase for personal growth and development:

  • Swipe between all of your Champions and organizations, all in one place
  • Easily find featured content 
  • Elegant new designs bring people’s connected organizations forward


Now that Home highlights all of your Champions, you may notice a few that you want to disconnect from.

Go to Connections and disconnect from any Champions you would like to hide from Home.




At a Glance: Champion Updates

Get the latest updates and activities delivered right to you:

  • Get updates from the Champions and organizations you care about
  • Find, share, and comment on their latest activities
  • Keep up to date with what’s happening in each connection, right now


Stay on Track: To-Dos

Know what’s up next with simple To-Do Lists:

  • See active and in-progress recommendations from each connection
  • View a history of Archived and completed actions
  • Easily access the To-Do list from the Home screen




 All in One Place: Library

Find all your familiar content in the Library:

  • Keep going with the Programs and Collections you’ve recently started
  • Easily access your saved Pages
  • View your Queue for future content, and track the past with Recently Completed


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