Meet Assessments

Get the Power to Know your People Better than Ever Before

Eliminate gaps and help your congregants feel more engaged with Assessments, a new capability on the Gloo platform that provides a variety of church assessments from trusted providers like American Bible Society, Christian Life Profile, and REVEAL.

Scientifically validated, each assessment can be customized to fit your needs, and collect the data that matters to you—directly from your own people. As you may well know, assessments are critical to understanding congregants so you can make decisions that work with you to improve the health of your church, saving valuable time and resources.

The assessments available on Gloo are ready to use, and easy to deploy. Best of all, if you’re a current Gloo customer, Assessments access is included with your subscription; just look for the new tab in the platform.  If you’re new to Gloo, and would like to see a demo, or create an account, click below, or read on to see how Assessments works in more detail.




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What is an Assessment?

An assessment is the process of collecting responses to a set of questions, and analyzing those responses to better understand where participants are in their current journeys. The information gathered can then be applied to the way Champions do outreach, engage their people, improve programs, or make plans for the future.

 Church, spiritual assessment: resource for pastors

Why Use Assessments

Assessments on Gloo are designed to remove obstacles for Champions so they can connect with their people, and lead them toward greater personal growth. Let’s break it down.

Ask the right questions.

Assessments on the Gloo platform come from trusted providers, and have been developed through years of research. They incorporate questions that surface the key spiritual insights needed to measure progress, open valuable lines of communication, and empower leaders to guide enduring journeys to spiritual growth.

Church Assessment Tool: track and measure progressGain wisdom.

When you ask questions that provide a clear evaluation of your church and congregants, you’re able to identify opportunities to connect and engage your people—so they don’t slip through the cracks.

Deploy anytime, anywhere.

Assessments are ready to use, and can be launched via text, email, or through a unique link, so you get maximum participation—and some can even be taken in a matter of minutes.

Launch assessments as often as you want.

Assessments on Gloo aren’t one-time use. Launch as often as you want to keep a finger on the spiritual pulse of your church. Many pastors call this a spiritual checkup, and just as you wouldn’t neglect your health by letting yourself go unchecked, leaving your church without regular checkups can have far-reaching consequences.

Spiritual Assessment Tool: Know Church Health

Get real-time results.

Real-time reporting means when you ask today, you know today. The dashboard tracks results in real time, so you know how many people have started and completed the assessment, and view results on dynamic graphs.

Guide next steps.

Understanding your people allows you to provide valuable next steps to keep participants growing, engaged, and feeling that their individuals needs matter.


How Assessments Work

There are a variety of assessments available on Gloo, with new, scientifically-validated assessments in development all the time.

To get started, follow four simple steps:

1. Configure: Pick an assessment from our growing library and customize it to fit your needs.

2. Preview: Preview the assessment to make sure it's ready to share with your people. 

3. Share: Share the assessment using SMS, a QR code, or a unique link.

4. Analyze: Track results in real-time, and view actionable insights about your people. 

 Assessment: Know the health of your church in 4 steps.

Here's What's Available


We're excited to launch Assessments with the following capabilities and available assessments. 

  • Believe Checkup: Measures 30 key biblical categories, including: 10 beliefs, 10 practices, and 10 virtues, as used in the Christian Life Profile by Randy Frazee. These key ideas allow individuals to reflect on how they’re developing in spiritual maturity and Christlike love for God and others.
  • Church Engagement: Designed to gauge how invested congregants are in the life and mission of their church, and their own personal growth. It’s designed to surface insights related to: church activities, catalytic spiritual practices, and the church growth environment.
  • REVEAL for Church: The REVEAL for Church assessment is designed to provide substantial, actionable insights into the spiritual life of your congregation. The assessment collects data to create an astute and detailed portrait of your church as a whole.
  • Individual Assessment: An assessment written to give individuals powerful visibility into their current spiritual formation, as well as to surface insights that allow you to more effectively guide their next steps.

Coming Soon:

We will continue to add features and assessments that enhance usability and bring even more value. Be on the look out for:

  • ABS Scripture Engagement: Bible engagement transforms people’s lives in measurable ways. Through their ongoing research, American Bible Society enables them to measure engagement levels and provide feedback and practical opportunities for growth.
  • Aggregate Report Requests: Request your Premium REVEAL report at the click of a button
  • Append custom questions: Add your own custom questions to the end of a scientifically-validated assessments, to get the specific feedback you need to serve more effectively.

Here's A Valuable Resource for Churches

Assessments are valuable resources for pastors and churches when it comes to knowing and reporting on congregants, or the overall health of a church. We invite you to request a demo so you can see how assessments can help you:

  • Lead smarter

  • Guide your people to spiritual growth

  • Surface and report on key findings in real time

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