[Event Recap] WIN Summit 2016 Video Recap

WIN Summit 2016 sets a high bar

With more than 3 times as many guests planning to attend this year’s event @TeamGloo pulled out all the stops to make #WINSummit16 an event to remember.

If you missed the event or just want to relive the memories, keep reading. You’ll find a video highlight reel of Thursday’s main program, quick breakdowns of key topics and links to the profiles of the Champions that were showcased. First I want to send a big “Thank You” to our Champions. Your courage to join us on this journey gives us more motivation than we can express to do all we can to support you in your missions to champion growth in others.

WIN Summit

To make room for so many more Champions we needed a location worthy of the event. WIN Summit 2016 took place in the Glenn Miller Ballroom at CU Boulder. For weeks the Gloo team worked around the clock to turn the venue from a blank canvas into a networking and growth launch pad.

Unlocking the Power of Platform Models

WIN Summit

The day’s program was focused on one thing: Platform Models are Key to Scaling Champion Impact. That’s a giant box to unpack. To make it easier to digest, the day was divided into 3 sessions. In each session we heard from a diverse group of thought leaders, participated in engaging breakout sessions, and even had the chance to flex our dancing muscles. Watch this video for a look at the day’s events. Or, scroll down for a more in-depth look at everything we covered. 




What do fractals, flocks and emergent systems have to do with Human Potential?

Blog_EmbeddedImages_Kembel_Short_16.12.22.jpgGeorge Kembel, started things off like only he can. If you’ve heard George talk before, you know he has a knack for making the complex seem clear. 

“If we get the pattern right and allow our patterns to scale in an exponential way, it can be the start of growth for billions of people.” — George Kembel

Using platform models to scale Champion impact

WIN Summit

“The role of the platform is management of the ecosystem and the infrastructure that enables interactions.”—Sangeet Choudery

Our keynote speaker, Sangeet Choudary explained how platforms have revolutionized the way the world exchanges value. Sangeet has spent the better part of the last decade decoding the ways platforms function. Platforms do one thing: enable the exchange of value around a core interaction.

Scaling the core interaction

WIN Summit

Tom Vander Ark discussed the benefits of using platform technology to scale experiential learning and how customizing learning to the needs of each student can transform education.

Make it easy to create and co-create

WIN Summit

In Sasha Barab's presentation, "Invite, Enable, Release: Leveling Up in the Real World," we got insights into what the future of technology based learning will look like. 

Scott Beck wrapped up WIN Summit 16 with an inspirational speech that captured the essence of Gloo's mission. 

Scott Beck

I think everyone who attended would agree, Win Summit 2016 was a huge success. Champions came together along with Gloo employees for 2 days of sharing, learning and inspiration. And we all left charged up and excited about what the future holds. We’re reminded how honored we are to have each and every Champion sharing this journey with us and that we can accomplish so much more together than we ever can apart.

As Scott pointed out, 2017 promises to be an amazing year with big changes ahead. So stay tuned right here for the latest updates, inspiration and accomplishments as we journey into 2017 together.