Ask Your Congregants Anything

As a pastor, you want your congregants to know you care and you’re doing your best to meet their needs—but you can’t be everywhere at the same time—so finding an effective way to know and help your people is essential.

Assessments on Gloo give you actionable, fact-based insights into the spiritual lives of your congregants and the overall health of your church. The ability to add custom questions takes knowing your congregants to a more personal level.

New to Assessments, the custom questions feature allows you to add up to 10 multiple-choice questions to any assessment, so you can get feedback on issues unique to your church. This opens the door to new communication—and gives your congregants more of a voice in your ministry strategy.

How Do Custom Questions Work?

It’s easy.

1. Select the “Custom Questions” tab when you go in to configure your next assessment.

2. Add up to 10 questions with multiple-choice answers.

As with assessment results, you see responses on your dashboard in real time so you know how engaged your congregants are—and how they feel.

What should I ask?

Anything that helps inform your ministry strategy. 

It can be overwhelming to come up with questions that make a real impact. That’s why we’ve written the blog, 10 Church Survey Questions to Connect with Congregants. It provides samples of questions, possible answers, and why each matters.


If you have a Gloo subscription, log in to your Assessment library to test it out for yourself, or get more information in our Help Center. And, keep your eyes open for more resources that will guide you to come up with questions that make a real impact.

We look forward to helping you get the most out of Assessments!