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  • Checking In On Relationships

    The Relationship Check-In assessment measures 12 dynamics, including a couple's communication, expectations, finances, spiritual beliefs, and intimacy.

    By Robyn Grayless
    on 9/18/19 2:44 PM
By Robyn Grayless
on 8/8/19 4:51 PM

10 Church Survey Questions to Connect with Congregants

10 church survey questions you should ask congregants to help them feel connected to the mission and vision of your church—and feel welcomed ...

By Robyn Grayless
on 8/8/19 1:47 PM

Ask Your Congregants Anything

Add custom, church survey questions to any assessment on Gloo to help you know your congregants on a more personal level.

By Robyn Grayless
on 7/18/19 1:11 PM

What You Need to Know about Church Data Privacy

Understand data privacy as a pastor or church leader, and help instill trust in your church. Keep information secure, and protect your congregants' privacy

By Robyn Grayless
on 7/8/19 11:16 AM

The Secret to a Successful Assessment—Three Churches Share their Stories

Understand your church's health and the issues your members face when you know how to conduct an effective church assessment—from a trusted provider.

By Robyn Grayless
on 6/17/19 8:00 AM

Meet Assessments

Know your congregants ... church assessments from trusted providers help you gauge your church's health so you can more effectively guide spiritual growth.

By Robyn Grayless
on 5/1/19 2:52 PM

Accelerate Generosity with Church Analytics

Church-specific software provides tools to interpret giving trends to optimize your giving strategy . . . encourage, re-engage, and retain donors.

By Robyn Grayless
on 4/1/19 3:13 PM

Right Message, Right Time

Personalized outreach is a must-have for marketers. 52% of consumers consider switching brands if organizations don’t make an effort to customize.

By Robyn Grayless
on 2/22/19 2:34 PM

1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Data–Do You Know the Difference?

Break down into the three most common types of data—first, second, and third-party—combine them into an effective marketing strategy for your organization.

By Robyn Grayless
on 9/26/17 3:55 PM

13 Questions To Ask Before Buying Church Management Software

This blog will help you assess your unique needs so you can confidently select the church management software that's right for your church and congregation.

By Robyn Grayless
on 9/11/17 3:02 PM

Learn the Difference Between an Employee Profile and Learner Persona

Learn the similarities & differences between employee profiles and learner personas. Then see how you can use each at your organization.

By Robyn Grayless
on 8/30/17 11:45 AM

10 Tips to Better Learner Personas

Follow these pro tips to quickly develop accurate learner personas you can use to tailor the way you develop your people.

By Robyn Grayless
on 8/17/17 12:21 PM

The Secret Powers of Immersive Games to Develop People

Some video games, called immersive games, are changing how organizations train and engage their people to raise productivity and drive positive outcomes.