[Product Spotlight] Champions Get New Tools for Content Creation

Check out the exciting new product updates coming to Content Creators in early 2017.

By Vince Scalia
on 12/22/16 3:59 PM

Technology and Discipleship

Learn how the church can leverage technology to connect with a new generation of followers.

By Eric Swanson
on 12/22/16 2:18 PM

[Champion Profile] Emerging Women Inspires Women to Shape Future

See how Emerging Women inspires women to live authentically and supports them with the tools and network to grow businesses that shape our world's future.

By Joel Maron
on 12/22/16 1:48 PM

[Champion Profile] Family Bridges Promotes Healthy Relationships

Learn how Family Bridges helps people develop the skills they need to maintain strong family relationships to build thriving communities.

By Joel Maron
on 12/22/16 1:25 PM

[Template] Use Learner Personas to Tailor Your Development Strategy

Learn how you can use custom learner personas to tailor your learning and development strategy to your people. Then download our free learner persona template.

By Vince Scalia
on 12/22/16 11:22 AM

Habits, Behaviors and your 2017 Employee Development Strategy

Learn from top Human Habits and Behaviors thought leaders about the science you can use to make your 2017 Employee Development Strategy Stick.

By Vince Scalia
on 12/17/16 10:14 AM