The Doctors Are In: 5 Employee Engagement Quotes Explained

Get to the bottom of these famous employee engagement quotes. Then see what two trained psychologists have to say about the real roots of engagement.

By Vince Scalia
on 2/14/17 9:14 AM

The Basic Anatomy of all Corporate Mentorship Programs

Learn the 4 basic elements of all types of mentorship programs. Then take a quiz that helps you build a corporate mentorship program for your organization.

By Vince Scalia
on 1/25/17 5:28 PM

Increasing Employee Engagement this New Year with Corporate Mentorship

Achieving the greatest self-activation for employee engagement is by surrounding your employees with champions – a new philosophy for corporate mentorship.

By Josh Hansen
on 1/25/17 8:44 AM

Blending Face-to-Face & In-the-Gap Learning Experiences

The best instructors use all available tools to create blended learning experiences that engage learners in-the-gap between face-to-face meetings.

By Eric Swanson
on 1/23/17 12:09 PM

5 Organizations with Great Mentorship Programs That Aren't Google

These corporate mentorship program examples prove tech companies aren't the only places where mentorship is an essential component of success.

By Vince Scalia
on 1/20/17 10:07 AM

[Event Recap] WIN Summit 2016 Video Recap

Watch the WIN Summit 2016 Recap Video. If you weren't able to attend or just want to relive the memories check out the video and these key take aways.

By Vince Scalia
on 12/23/16 8:54 AM

[Product Spotlight] Champions Get New Tools for Content Creation

Check out the exciting new product updates coming to Content Creators in early 2017.

By Vince Scalia
on 12/22/16 3:59 PM

Technology and Discipleship

Learn how the church can leverage technology to connect with a new generation of followers.

By Eric Swanson
on 12/22/16 2:18 PM

[Champion Profile] Emerging Women Inspires Women to Shape Future

See how Emerging Women inspires women to live authentically and supports them with the tools and network to grow businesses that shape our world's future.

By Joel Maron
on 12/22/16 1:48 PM